Weekly report 6-12-18

Circulation Weekly Report

Date: 6-12-18

Name: Dan Frostman



  • Approximate number of times I’ve logged in and out of Sierra in the past two days: 439

Highlights: (Progress towards Goals, accomplishments)


  • No report
  • Sierra up and running
  • Weeding and shifting underway

Davis Family:

  • Up and running on Sierra
    • Lots of tweaking still to do
  • Looking forward to working with the HS student employees next week
  • Kim got an A in her class this Spring
  • Kim is now on staff council
  • Cleaning and prepping for LS
  • Students will train with Amy on ref stuff
  • Emergency manual editing meeting
  • Meeting to discuss signage and visibility of the Helpdesk


  • Shelving is all caught up
  • Summer language display all set
  • Carrel repair list sent to facilities
  • Summer language carrel suites reserved and signs placed


  • All BL, all reserves, all the time



  • A couple of odd equipment issues over the weekend
  • Security gate acting up

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