Weekly report 5-23-18

Circulation Weekly Report
Date: 5/23/18
Name: Dan Frostman

• Carrels still checked out: 50+
Highlights: (Progress towards Goals, accomplishments)
• Busy – lots of people and printing
• Lots of student sub requests
• Summer students have all been hired
Davis Family:
• Dealing with Millennium failure aftermath
• Weekend staff were champs with all of the crap that happened Sunday
• Cleaning up the circ area
• WHD meetings to discuss options
• Drafting 9 pm closing announcement
• Video streaming workflow meeting
• Hiring for summer
• All reshelving and carrel clearing and checking
• Oh, and closing on a house
• Bread Loaf planning
• Creating content for Instagram account
• Eres for upcoming CTLR event

• Front door still stuck open
• Millennium logins all erased, all preferences, macros, settings, etc. Grrrr.
• Steam pipe burst = chaos
• Students flaking on exam shifts
• Waiting on reserve recalls for June BLWCs
• Loss of LIB 221
• Green Mountain Security skipped Thursday night

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