Weekly report 5-1-18

Circulation Weekly Report
Date: 5/1/18
Name: Dan Frostman

• 7222 circs for April
• 70195 gate count for April
Highlights: (Progress towards Goals, accomplishments)
• Busy
• Lots of ILL
• Poster session all this week
• Weeding progressing
Davis Family:
• May posters hung
• Dan had a good trip out to Monterey
• MIIS is live on Millennium!
• Monthly lists and stats run
• Trying to figure out summer students
• Sign up for exams and Fall this weekend
• Library disaster committee meeting
• Newsletter went out
• Lots and lots of reshelving
• Inventoried shelves that will be removed in ref weeding project
• Firming up Davison schedule
• Spring reserves still coming in
• Summer reserves

• Finding students for the summer
• Student taking a mac out overnight
• Armstrong periodicals needed at BL were weeded and are gone
• Odd list of personal copies to be deleted in Millennium – investigating
• 2 missing reserve books
• MIIS reserve books checking out for 6 hours due to time difference

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