CTLR equipment and long-term laptop loaners

Two new additions to the equipment pool that you shouldn’t have to worry much about, but that you should probably KNOW about.

1. CTLR is purchasing equipment to give to faculty and students for long-term loans, usually a semester or more. This equipment will be added to Millennium as it is purchased and will be booked for the patron at that time. All of the equipment will be attached to one (suppressed) bib record in Millennium, so no one else should be asking for this equipment. When it comes back, you can put it on my desk.

2. The Helpdesk is starting to use us to keep track of some long-term laptop loans. Similar to the CTLR equipment, these items will be added to Millennium when they are ready to go out and booked for the patron at that time. Also similarly, they are all on one (suppressed) bib record in Millennium. They can go on my desk or back to the Helpdesk when they are returned. They will have a barcode but no luggage tag.

Let me know if you have questions.

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