Summer means requesting!

Requesting of available items has been turned back on. Calm down, I know you’re thrilled beyond words. Here are the instructions for running the paging slips.

Remember to CHECK IN all of the items that are pulled and put them either on the hold shelf at Davis or in the proper bin (Armstrong or Breadloaf). The Breadloaf bin will live next to Janine’s desk.

Please get into the habit of running paging slips first thing in the morning and sometime in the afternoon.

Conference phone confusion

So apparently both of our conference phones ONLY work with an analog phone line. Now luckily, the majority of rooms on campus have analog phone jacks, so this is fine. If someone has trouble with a phone, Telephone Services does have an adapter (DONGLE!) that will make it work with a digital jack. As a result of all of this, we have removed any analog/digital designation on the phones – for all intents and purposes, they are identical.

Finding Language Resources for the summer

To help patrons find language resources this summer, start at go/guides. The first drop down is a language selection menu, which will take the patron to the appropriate guides page for that language.

Once on a language page, there will be links to CDs and DVDs in the lower right corner (in most cases).