Stats week!

Because you don’t have quite enough to think about just now…


When you are working at the desk, if someone asks you a question that is not “Can I have this from reserve?” or “Can I get a charger?”, please record it on the form at go/zoho_circ

This will run through Sunday, so please remember to record stats. I will put up reminders on the computers, too.


Circ meeting 4-17-14

– All agree that the LS dictionary display from last summer should be repeated. Dan will let Carrie know.

– Dan gave an update on the bikes. An email will come out next week to all campus. At that point, we can start giving them out (if patrons have a bike sticker on their ID, for liability purposes). We only check the keys in and out – all inquiries to the bike shop.

– Dan asked if anyone wanted to work at BL. Let Dan know. Dan will inquire about a BL student who will work in the library.

– Kellam comes back May 1st.

– Dan will provide a link to PCI info. A PCI audit will be happening some time in the future, so all staff should be prepared to answer questions about this, if asked.

– A discussion about equipment and patrons claiming all the parts were not included at check out. A suggestion was made to have a form that patrons sign agreeing that they have everything. Dan will think about this. For now, staff will be more diligent at check-in to make sure everything is there and we will be more adamant with patrons that everything was there at check out, based on the fact that it was there at check in. Janine will also check booked items to make sure everything is there beforehand.

– Discussion about laptops. DECISION MADE: STUDENT LAPTOPS WILL STAY IN THE BUILDING. We will security strip them. A message will pop-up at checkout. Students will be notified. We will change the actual loan rule in the summer (so they will still be due back tomorrow) but they will need to stay in the library.

– Todd reports that the PQ’s have been shifted so that all the French literature is now in the right hand row (looking at the back).

– Armstrong update. We don’t know anything other than they are thinking about that space.

– The cafe will be open 24/7 during 24/7, for at least part of it.

– Dan has arranged for a security guard during 24/7.

– Dan met with Public Safety to discuss options for getting people out of the building at closing. May start imposing fines, may install cameras. Public safety will get back to us. For now, we will not do anything different in our procedure.

New Student Laptop Procedure

Since we have a limited amount of student MacBook laptops, (14 at Davis, 3 at Armstrong), and Dell PCs (6 at Davis, 9 at Armstrong), we can no longer allow student borrowers to take them out of the Davis and Armstrong libraries. They have been continually overdue, resulting in zero laptops available for other students to check out. I understand that we did not advertise the fact that laptops could leave the library, but since we allow a 24-hour loan period, we did not restrict them to the building.   We are now restricting them to remain inside the building.

They will each have a sensor attached so they will beep if they pass through the sensing gates.

All student laptops will be confined to the interior perimeters of the libraries, meaning, they are:

NOT ALLOWED TO PASS BEYOND THE LIBRARY EXIT/ENTRANCE GATES of BOTH DAVIS and ARMSTRONG LIBRARIES. That is to say and to include, the Wilson Cafe and the Armstrong kiosk and reading lounge area as off limits. The loan period will remain at 24 hours for Dell PCs and MacBooks.

To be clear, the new rule is:

Secondary rule change: There will be a pop-up message (coming soon) to remind anyone checking in returned laptops to open up the machine to check the screen to see if it is broken, and if the machine is off, to please turn it on, then turn it off before placing it in the cart. More often the machines are on, so please turn them off and place in the cart. We are asking this so we are certain the laptops are in good working order upon their return to the Circ Desk.

Please direct any equipment questions to me, and I will gladly assist. You may also make your inquiries to your nearest friendly supervisor or to our fearless leader, Circ Czar Dan Frostman.

Thank you for your attention to these instructions and for your dedication to our policies! Now go our and have a great weekend.