Weekly report 12-17-13

User Services Weekly Report
Date: 12-17-13
Name: Dan Frostman
Circulation Services – Circ, Reserves, and Stacks

• 880 steps between Davis and Armstrong
Highlights: (Progress towards Goals, accomplishments)
• Very busy during exams
• Lots to reshelve
• Circ meeting
• 161 lab computers getting upgraded this week
Davis Family:
• Circ meeting
• 24/7 ends
• Nexpress conference call
• Got all the kids paid
• Just trying to keep reshelving at a manageable level
• Reshelving
• Carrel returns (over 70 back!)
• Winter and Spring requests
• Removed all Fall items
• More training for Megan
• Updated “Forgot your password” site

CTT: finalizing video evaluation for ADs
R&R: Holiday party

• Fire alarm testing at Armstrong
• Student schedule issues at Armstrong over the weekend
• Security guard issues
• No students at all this week

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