Equipment-Oriented Reminders to Circ Supervisors

This is a good time to remind all of us that our digital cameras, camcorders, iPads and laptops always need to be charged when checked in, and when appropriate, re-imaged and completely erased of data (camcorders, iPads and Mac laptops).  If you ever have any questions about charging and/or erasing data on equipment, please let me know, and I will be glad to show you. The other day I found a Mac laptop with the power on in its case.  Also, several of the digital cameras had hardly any power left in their batteries.

You can also leave some of these items for me to charge/erase, especially when they are checked in later in the day and you might be busy. Feel free to put them on my desk with a note and I can take care of them. I don’t mind at all.

We will be getting new MacBook Air laptops in the near future, and we will then have new instructions for checking them in and out. Stay tuned for that update from Dan.

Circ Desk Rule on Mac charger loans


DO NOT loan out Mac chargers to anyone longer than one day. This is a rule that cannot be altered. So don’t alter it. I have heard that someone overstepped their bounds by allowing Mac chargers to be loaned out for an entire week.  That is absolutely, unequivocally unacceptable. We are low enough in our charger inventory, as you are well aware, so this is particularly bothersome. You have to ask a supervisor for ANY EXCEPTION to a circ rule. Specific equipment questions can be directed to Janine or Dan.  Be careful.