New Media Equipment to Circ this Fall

We will be adding several new items to our to our media equipment inventory this fall.

The goal is to standardize most of our cameras and camcorders for our patrons, and to ease the support aspect.

7 additional Canon ELPH 150 digital still cameras (upgrade from the 110 model)
10 (approximately) Vixia hand held camcorders, which will replace the older FS11 line we currently use. (We are keeping our FS 200 models).
We will stay within the XA10 line for the high end camcorder. We have two.

We will receive one palm sized LCD projector. This is a new technology so we will monitor its checkout frequency and performance feedback.
We were unable to add more LCD projectors so we will loan out what we have (8 students, and 5 fac/staff).

One more digital Rebel T3i will be added (yay)!
Mac chargers
(checking on i-Phone chargers)

No iPads or Kindles. These have tapered off in borrowing. We have 10 to circulate which will be fine.

More news will be coming (via the blog) regarding PC laptop re-imaging procedures.


Where’s the librarian?

We don’t have Research Desk hours until fall classes begin. But librarians are still around! The go/askus page tells you how to find us:

  • During regular hours, the easiest thing to do is to call x5496. That number rings in all librarian offices, and one of us should be available to help on the phone or in person. Try us even outside of regular hours! Often, at least a few of us are here even during the dinner hour.
  • You’re welcome to just walk over to our offices, too! Most of us are behind the Research Desk.
  • At any hour, you also can use to the go/askalibrarian form, which sends an email to all librarians.

Please encourage all researchers to drop by! It’s not interrupting. It’s our job!

Post LS-wrap up with the students

1. Do more education of summer students about printing, possibly add a “how to print” sheet to their arrival packet. (Dan will bring this up with the User Services Managers)
2. If the info desk is still in place, maybe posting a tech student there to respond to printing questions for the first couple weeks. (and this)
3. Have tech students in the helpdesk area until 12am. (due to budget issues, I doubt this will be feasible, but I will mention it)
4. Fill paper trays at the beginning of each tech shift to avoid those issues all together. (Dan will let Joe know)
5. Have cafe’ open at night Sun-Thur. (This isn’t up to us…)
6. Have librarians available 5pm-7pm. (Numbers don’t justify this, but we will continue to keep track)
7. Better signage for reference and tech services (can’t really see the signs when entering the library) (Dan will talk to Joseph about this)
8. Armstrong would like more dongles and two mac computers for their branch. (They will be getting more shortly)
9. Need to make a new cheat sheet for who reserves which rooms in the library. (Dan is following up)
10. Audio books shelved together (like the Vermont and Faculty Author sections) (Dan has asked Rebekah if this is possible)
11. Clean the bathrooms more, main and upper get very dirty. (Kim contacted facilities)
12. Make up tip postcards to hand out at the beginning of language school about pertinent info. (Go for it!)

Thanks everyone for your input and for a great summer!

Compact shelving deactivated

The compact shelving in the center section of the main floor of Davis has been deactivated as it is not sensing people in the aisle. So rather than squish someone inadvertently, we have shut down the units and put up signs indicating that patrons should come to the desk for access to those shelves.