Weekly Report 7-2-13

User Services Weekly Report
Date: 7-2-13
Name: Dan Frostman
Circulation Services – Circ, Reserves, and Stacks

• I’m sure there are some. I’ll run the yearly stats tomorrow.
• 166 theses returned to Armstrong from the bindery
Highlights: (Progress towards Goals, accomplishments)
• Activity picking up after a slow couple of weeks
• Several questions at the desk
• Color printer issue fixed
• Excellent student staff
• Students working on dusting, shelf reading
• All faculty laptops checked out (never happens)
• Received updated emergency manuals from Joseph
• Students through all weeding lists and waiting for more
Davis Family:
• Students great – no complaints about schedule
• Students doing projects for other workgroups in LIS
• Cleaned up Breadloaf last week
• Busy Saturday
• Courier and paging slips going smoothly for BL
• Helpdesk has been helpful with printing issues
• Back from vacation and catching up
• Goals done
• All staff vacations covered and going smoothly
• Shifted the last aisle of PS and beginning of PT to free up space
• H weeding/shift is continuing
• Very busy Monday with the start of the 5-week schools
• Breadloaf!
• Some LS stuff getting added

• Technical challenges at Breadloaf – stuff breaking down
• Laptop out to summer faculty without getting checked out
• Usual crunch of laptop availability for summer faculty

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