New Printing Guide at Circ Desk

We have  a new step-by-step one page guide for our language school students who need detailed instructions when printing. I placed it on the circulation desk as a sign, and there are copies (next to the sign) for students to take, if they are so inclined. We think this guide is very helpful, and it will alleviate many of the repeated questions we receive at circ, while assisting the language school patrons.

Tiffany created this tonight entirely on her own and without a request from anyone.  Thank you Tiffany!  We appreciate your initiative and great help.

Also, a giant thank you to James from the Help Desk for assisting circ tonight during a busy time with language students printing.


New “Go” Link — called LLG: an Accessible Map for our Language School Patrons

Our circulation student staff member Evan, created a Go link for our language students.  It is called go/llg and it is found in the Middlebury Gotionary. It accesses a map which shows the Davis library locations of  language areas, including dictionaries for all languages, literature for Hebrew, Russian, Chinese, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and German.

We are also keeping a sign of this map on our circulation desk for visitors.

Thank you Evan!


No more recalls on browsing books

After some feedback from patrons, I have changed the loan rule on Browsing books to not allow recalls. You can still place a hold, but the original patron will still have the full 28 days to return the item. The hold will prevent renewals, as always.

Booked Laptops

Hi Circ Staff Supervisors!

Since the laptop metal cabinet has moved a tad closer to the supervisor checkout computer, it makes sense for me to place the booked laptops inside the laptop cabinet. It is a little closer, and more efficient to just reach behind the computer to retrieve a reserved laptop. It will free up the space in our equipment wooden cabinet too.

Sundays at Circ

For the past eight years, I have been covering the circ desk on Sundays, either at Music or here at Davis. That era now comes to an end, and I pass the torch to Lexa deCourval. Starting Sunday, June 23rd, Lexa will be behind the desk during the days on Sundays. I will finally return to a normal M-F schedule the week of July 1st. Do they still show football games on Sundays?

Changes in P&P

See the message from Joseph below. The main change is that what is currently the P&P repairs shelf will become the “In Process” shelf and contain both items that need to be relabeled/repaired/rebound AND items that need to be re-cataloged. Hopefully, signage will be clear at circ.


From Joseph:
“I wanted to let you know that we’ve done some staff reorganization in Collection Services (CS) and starting Monday, Marlena Evans will be in charge of the Materials Processing Unit instead of me. She’ll supervise the student Processing Assistants, monitor the flow of materials through the unit, make sure new media materials are repackaged as needed, etc. I’ll continue to manage our preservation and binding program, supervise Ginny the Binding and Conservation Technician, and will be working more and more in Special Collections.

We’ve also made some adjustments in the way we would like to receive items from Circulation Services when they need to be recataloged, reprocessed, or repaired. From now on, please mark all items you’re sending down to Collection Services as in process, not “in repair” as you have routinely been doing. To remember this change, just think about the fact that the items are “in process” when you get them from CS, and when you send them back to CS you should return them to the “in process” status. Please put everything on the old oak cart in 134. Ginny will sort the items and forward things as needed to Marlena. This actually simplifies the process for Circ since you won’t need to think about which items go to which work group. As always, notes with the item like “label wrong”, “case broken”, “to oversize” are very helpful and much appreciated, whether they’re on a P&P slip or a post-it note.”