Research questions?

We don’t have Research Desk hours from now until summer school. But librarians are still around! The go/askus page tells you how to find us:

  • During regular hours, the easiest thing to do is to call x5496. That number rings in all librarian offices, and one of us should be available to help on the phone or in person.
  • You’re welcome to just walk over to our offices, too! Most of us are behind the Research Desk.
  • At any hour, you also can use to the go/askalibrarian form, which sends an email to all librarians.

Please encourage all researchers to drop by! It’s not interrupting. It’s our job!

Importance of Being Equipment Cautious for Check-outs

Greetings Supervisors and Sleep-Deprived Students!

This is a friendly reminder to take your vitamins and eat your spinach! Last night I realized  iPad #3 was listed “available” in Mill, yet I could not find it anywhere. Today I began to really worry. Fortunately, a little lucky goblin returned it to the red equipment cart when I wasn’t looking, but when I did see it, I exclaimed “Voila!  I was so worried you grew feet overnight! I am so happy you came back.”

This was a good lesson for me to relay how careful we should be when checking out our media items. You know better than anyone that this is absolutely our uber busy end-of-semester season so it is very easy (and dangerous) to rush out a (non) checkout. But when it comes down to iPads, camcorders and cameras, we really need to make sure to confirm their checkouts. Well, you know what to do. Please make sure you look at the Mill screen when checking out all items.

I thank you for your continued diligence and razor focus while working at TCD (the circ desk).


Compact shelves broken

The compact shelves on the main level are broken and we have shut them off. If someone needs a book from that section, there are signs for them to either email circ or come to the desk and fill out a request slip. The slips are on the cart next to Janine’s desk. We will retrieve books in the morning and afternoon and email the patrons as soon as they are available. Circ staff, please put the books on hold for the patron and email them directly.