New first aid kit for Davis

The official location for the emergency first-aid kit at Circ is now on top of the AED machine attached to the wall just to the right as you enter LIB250. If the official emergency first-aid kit is used in an emergency, please notify Joseph Watson so he can request replacement supplies from the College’s Health and Safety Officer.

The first-aid kits that were above the sink have been removed and replaced with an unofficial box that contains miscellaneous small supplies that can be used for minor cuts, etc., as needed on a non-emergency basis. If these unofficial misc. supplies run low please ask Doreen to get some more. (The four small kits that were above the sink were removed because it is important to keep the official kits well stocked with fresh supplies, and having so many assorted kits makes that task overly complicated. We also shouldn’t give anyone the impression that it’s OK to dip into a first-aid kit for paper cut.)

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