Billing inquiries

There have been a a few instances recently of patrons who have been billed asking about the status of their accounts. When I move charges to their college accounts, I remove those charges in Millennium, so it appears as if their accounts are clear. But telling them their account is clear is misleading when they then have a bill show up on their college account. So please direct all billing inquiries to a supervisor. (Supervisors, please check in the patron record for a note about charges moved to college account.)

Students borrowing conference phones

In the past few weeks Telephone services has received urgent calls from students who have borrowed a speakerphone to place a toll call. Unfortunately, they don’t have a TAC to do so. Students do not receive toll, long distance access at the college. So, for these special purposes, whomever is arranging the loan should let the student know that:

• they may use the phone to place a toll-free call
• receive incoming calls
• use a calling card
• or receive a TAC from the faculty member they’re working with.