Mac laptops – Logging in and deleting

From the Helpdesk:

We’ve seen several Mac loaner laptops over the past few weeks that wouldn’t let people in. Re-binding them to the domain usually fixes this. Nate recently added Mac loaners with Casper (which ought to be all of them, but may not be) to a group that will automatically re-bind them to the domain once on startup.

So, if you can’t get into a Mac loaner, please make sure it’s plugged into the network, restart, wait 2 minutes for Casper to do its thing, and try again. This may save you a trip to the helpdesk. If that doesn’t work, of course, let us know as usual and we’ll take care of it.

Microfilm machine documentation

With thanks to Rachel…

The basic training materials for the new Microform scanning machines are now available on-line.

go/Microform – Quick guide for using the new Microform Scanners and software

   go/microfiche – Quick guide for using the new Microform Scanners and software

   go/microfilm – Quick guide for using the new Microform Scanners and software

I also created a wiki page here.

Circ meeting 1-23-13

Present: Shawn, Janine, Nancy, Todd, Rachel, Kim, Kellam, Dan

* Discussion about thesis carrels, availability, wait list
* Mysterious disappearance of TX’s
* Rachel – microfilm machines tutorial (took place immediately following meeting)
– Celebration for Feb seniors next Wednesday at 2. Rachel will send out invites and food sign up
* Todd requests ID requirement strengthened. Janine will put sign back up.

Research Desk for j-term

The Research Desk is reopening today, 11 am! For the first 2 weeks, we plan to staff daytime only. For the last 2 weeks, we’ll add evenings. Important: During the first 2 weeks, if you receive a research question after 5 pm, please tell a supervisor and/or a librarian! (In addition to trying to find an answer, of course!  See Research Tips for Circulation Staff.) If we can document that we’re receiving evening questions now, we’ll add evening coverage sooner.

Statistics from previous j-terms don’t justify evening Research Desk coverage, but this fall when we went back out at the Research Desk, our numbers went way up. We’re not sure what to expect this j-term.