2 New High-End Camcorders at Circ

This is to let you know that we have added 2 new Canon digital HD camcorders (#273 and 274) to our equipment inventory. They are easy to use, compact, excellent video machines that are highly-regarded upgrades to our supply. They each have 2 batteries; one is in the camera, and the other remains in the case. You won’t have to worry about charging the battery upon return, I will make sure the cameras are charged, since the battery charges through the camera. The check list is on the top of the case, with 6 items listed. I have marked the USB cord and the AV cable so those cords are easily recognized. It is a one-day loan, as the other camcorders, and students, staff, faculty can borrow them. We will want to be extra cautious when checking it in so the batteries don’t go missing, and the cords as well. The camera holds video for up to 6 hours so it will be popular for lots of sporting events, and all special occasions.

I’ve included an under 5-minute review from YouTube so you can check it out. Don’t worry, your eyes won’t glaze over. It is pretty interesting!


Summer, 2012: What went well and what didn’t (or: “Nothing is our fault”)

From the student meeting on 8/23:

– The library is too cold
– People took the language too seriously at the desk, were afraid to get help in English
– Short on iPads, but not on other equipment
Lots of printing issues, especially after 10 pm (when the Helpdesk was closed), with lots of explaining the printing procedure.
– Signage (directional) in the library could be improved
– The new language specific displays did not affect ILL searching and were seen as a positive improvement all around.
– The lab in Armstrong 161 was booked through other channels (not Armstrong staff) and luckily there were no double bookings
– People had trouble finding the language reference books
– No serious gaps in training
– Very limited dining options for the circ students
– Can the CD’d be browseable?
– A few patrons asked for a higher limit on DVD checkouts (currently 3)

From the staff meeting on 8/29

– No Helpdesk staff from 7:30-8 am. Any printing issues (and there were many) required circ staff to leave the circ desk unnattended
– Book sorting after check-in was not as accurate as it is during the academic year
– Some language students preferred to buy guest print cards than go onto Papercut and money online.
– Some faculty still wanted equipment all summer, but this trend was MUCH better than in years past.
– Todd will hand out carrel policy slips with carrel keys to avoid non-checked out books being stored in carrels.
Lots of user education about printing, and not just at the beginning of the session. Printers breaking down, jamming, patrons not sure where they had printed. Single biggest issue of the summer.
– Great students at Armstrong, with lots of projects completed
– Summer symposium went very well
– New science librarian!
– Great ILL students
– one change in a screening location resulted in confusion, but in general screenings went very smoothly
– 5-7 pm saw the most reference questions (librarians on break)
– some loud conversations in LIB 242 had to be shushed.
– Language cheat sheets from Joy were very helpful
– will be asking students not to use headphones or personal laptops at the circ desk (Dan will update the wiki)

Recommendations or possible solutions: (Dan will share with appropriate parties)
– HD staffed when library opens?
– better documentation, signage, tutorials, staffing to support printing (HD student camped out in 242? Tutorial videos on go/printing?)
– Move Language ref to a more prominent location for the summer?
– Clarify who books Armstrong 161 for the summer
– Wear a sweater