Marked list in MIDCAT

Over the weekend, we received an “ask a librarian” email from a person who said the “marked list” feature in MIDCAT wasn’t working.  In case someone asks you, here’s how it’s supposed to work:

1. search MIDCAT
2. check records and click “save marked records”
3. click “view saved” at the top of the results page
4. click “export saved”
5. select “email” or “screen”
6. print the email, or print the screen

The person said she’d asked for help at the circulation desk, so I figured I should share! I think the confusion was that the person expected the “save marked records” button would refresh the page and give her a new view of only her marked records. In fact, you have to click on “view saved” to get your marked list…

eTextbook Pilot print copy available for loan

Have you heard about the eTextbook pilot that will be happening at the College this Fall? If not, you’ll want to read up on this exciting news, and also note that we’ll have one print copy of an eTextbook available for two-hour loan at the Circ Desk. This copy will simply give borrowers an idea of the quality of printing, and is not associated with any particular class. The binder containing the print copy will be located at the start of the print reserves and marked appropriately. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Rearranged Mac Chargers, VGAs & Laptops at Circ

With the nice additon of  20 new Mac chargers, I have placed a basket next to each student station in the drawer below. This is a convenient place for them to be checked out. There are also some paired with laptops in the metal cabinet directly behind the student computers. Jun helped me switch the metal cabinets because the VGAs/dongles tray did not fit in the taller cabinet. We think you will find the arrangement a little more efficient.

Note: When we check back in student Mac laptops and Dell PCs, please check them to be certain they are shut down. We don’t want to waste the battery while sitting in the cabinet shelf. If the battery is very low, please place them on my desk so I can charge them. You can also charge one or two next to the student side check in computer. Thanks everyone!

Microsoft Office during the summer

Currently MS Office is available by going to:

And following the instructions on this page.

Only academic year Middlebury students are eligible, not Language Schools, BreadLoaf or school abroad students (unless they are also academic year Midd students) Benefit eligible Middlebury staff and faculty ( SA directors fit this category) are also eligible

Kindle Fires

We now (well, by the end of today) have 2 Kindle Fires for use. Both are available to faculty and staff and one is available to students. They will circulate for 14 days. Faculty and staff may renew once ; students may not renew. Students – please place returned Kindles on the red cart like any other piece of equipment. Staff – please follow the instructions found here.