NEH Fellowships binder on temporary holdshelf

A NEH Fellowship binder is currently located on the temporary holdshelf and available for faculty to borrow for a two-hour loan period. This item was brought to us from Franci Farnsworth in the Academic Affairs office. She anticipates that just a few faculty will need access to the binder over the coming weeks. Please let me know if you have any questions, and thank you for accommodating this special request!


To quote a certain lovable, furry, Muppet: Hello everybodeeeee!


Stats week.

This week, Sunday-Friday. If you get asked a question at the desk (other than, “Can you get x for me?”, where x is something that we normally provide to patrons, like a reserve book), please tally it here: (also, GO/zoho_circ)

So if you get asked where the bathroom is, record it.
If you get asked how many books are in this place, record it.
If you get asked how to photocopy, record it.
If the phone rings and someone has a questions, record that.

Get it? (don’t record that)