Library Circulation Assistants

Circulation is starting to hire students for the summer months. The time frames are:

May 23rd – June 23rd

June 24th – August 17th

August 18th – September 8th

Students can work any or all time frames, partial time frames are not available.  Those looking for summer internships are encouraged to pursue that path first, and only inquire about work in the library when they are sure they will be available.  All contracts need to be signed by April 15th.  Please send inquiries to


Weekly report 2-29-2012

User Services Weekly Report
Date: 2-29-2012
Name: Dan Frostman
Circulation Services – Circ, Reserves, and Stacks

• Days since the last Leap Day:1,460
• Items on reserve: 1,500
• Carrels available: 0
Highlights: (Progress towards Goals, accomplishments)
• Busy ILL NExpress
• Faculty author display up at Armstrong
• Will meet with Rebecca tomorrow to discuss procedures surrounding display
• Catching up after being out last week
Davis Family:
• Staff picks seems to be liked
• Evenings not hectic, not slow
• Hired two more student to fill gap Tuesday mornings – training underway
• Desk still busy during the day
• Writing evaluations, starting to meet
• DVD collection is very popular – lots of reshelving at the desk
• Winter carnival quite busy despite reduced hours
• Management training continues
• Monthly circ meeting: Google calendar and Create Lists lessons
• Helping Ilsley adjust their notices and bills for DVDs
• Met to decide where to put the cell phone booths
• Students shelf-reading the DVDs
• Sweeping the carrels for non-bookmarked items
• 50 carrels checked out last week
• 625 items added to ERes in the last five weeks
• BLSE requests starting (it never ends!)
• Met with Collection Mgmt. re. SGA reserve book resolution
• Liaisons meeting
• Meeting in March to discuss the VHS archive project

Web team: Silverback test sessions
Space Team: n/a
CT Team: planning work sessions over spring break

• Non-poster printing still going to the plotter
• Compact shelving malfunctioning – work done – waiting on a part
• Still waiting on 20 recalled items for reserve
• Sticky substance spilled on an LCD projector – diagnosing
• Issuing credits for billed items returned this week…grrrrr…Dan…ANGRY.

Ask a librarian – anytime!

The red sign is back!  As always, whenever someone has a research question, please don’t hesitate to refer them to a librarian.  At any time!

Give us a call at x5496.  Whoever is available will be glad to come out and help. On weekday and Sunday afternoons, and Sunday-Wednesday evenings, one of us is always on duty.  Look for the red “Librarian on duty” sign.

If it seems like no one is around, have the person write to us in the go/askalibrarian form.  Even when we’re not in the library, we’re often on email.  Hours and information about how to reach us is at go/askus.  Also, some good “getting started” advice is here:  Find Books, Articles and More.

Coming soon:  Ref Chat!

New Student Staff Film and CD Picks at the Circ Desk ~ your input is needed!

At the end of the Circ Desk, we have a  new display case  which showcases DVDs and CDs.  The reason we have this on display is for you, (Circulation Student Staff members) to add your favorite TV, film and music recommendations. We get plenty of questions from all students about which films to check out, so this is an opportunity for Circ students to bring out some of your favorites. It would be great to print your picture (optional) and a comment about your choice (s), and I will place that sign next to the display case.  Many DVDs and CDs are sitting on the shelves without much press. We can make this a weekly rotating list of recommendations. Simply write down your favorite titles, and pull them off the shelf. On my desk, you can leave me a list of one or more of your choices, along with your comments. If you would like your picture to accompany a comment, tell me which picture you want to use, and I will print it, then place it in the sign.  Your opinions are valued so bring it on.

LCD projectors – now in two flavors!

In an effort to alleviate the stress at circ when a faculty member comes to get an LCD projector they booked two weeks ago and we have to tell them we don’t have it because a student has it three days overdue, (whew!) we have split our pool of LCD projectors into two pools. There are now 3 LCD’s at Davis and 1 at Armstrong which can only be borrowed by faculty and staff. Anybody can use the remaining 6, but our hope is that faculty and staff will use those set aside for them. If a faculty or staff member calls to book a projector, please book a fac/staff one for them. Loan periods for everyone are still one day. If you have any questions about this, please ask.