Work Etiquette: clearing the deck of debris (loose books, CDs, etc) between shifts

Hello Circ Students!

Please be absolutely certain to clear away books, DVDs, CDs and all stray items at the end of your shift. There have been several requests from your co-workers about this issue. Several students are beginning each shift by cleaning up after the student employee who worked before their shift. This pertains to the area next to the check in computer. CDs need to be shelved, and not left behind for someone else to put away (moi, for instance). If you see an ILL cart with books to be shelved, please take initiative to take it on and shelve it with your co-worker. One person does not need to do all of the tasks.
This is good information for you to retain and to use in the future when you are hired outside of the college. Leaving a mess for others to clean up does not bode well in the professional world.  Sharing the workload does wonders. Take the tip.
I know this does not apply to all of you, but I hope everyone is conscious of others at work.

On the positive side, thank you to everyone for doing excellent jobs overall at the desk. We are grateful to have you work hard for us. Have a great Thanksgiving weekend as we give thanks to you.

Access Services Conference – Atlanta GA

Valuable information was gathered at the recent Access Services conference held at Georgia Tech. Learning various customer service styles and techniques utilized in libraries ranging from student populations of 2,000 to 48,000 was eye-opening. The major takeaway was how change is the “new normal.”  Integrating new technologies and innovation with excellent customer service were major themes. Tips on Reserves policies & procedures, merged libraries, media, student employees & professionalism at the Circ Desk, Reference, and privacy/confidentiality issues were topics of interest. Info regarding maximizing customer and employee satisfaction was particularly enlightening. Power Point presentations will be available from the conference site in January 2012, but I am receiving some of these presentations directly from specific schools for my reference. I will place them in our Conference folder in the 2011 Orgs drive.

IDs required to check out items!

We have noticed that we are all becoming more lax about requiring IDs in order to check out items. Starting in January, we will REQUIRE IDs to check out items. So as people come to the desk over the next month and a half and do not have an ID, please tell them that in January they will not be able to check out items without their ID.

Book sale

The book sale is starting next Tuesday. Circ serves as the check-out counter. There will be a cash box behind the desk. No credit card purchases. Checks may be made out to Middlebury College. More info on the book sale can be found here.

The first day is for Middlebury ID holders only. We will not be “holding” items for anyone – if they want it, they need to buy it.


Hi all.

Stats week will commence Sunday and run for all of next week. As a reminder to those who have experienced this great joy before and an introduction to those new to the bliss: please record any question you get asked – where is the bathroom? How do I print? How many books do you have? Is the macaroni and cheese in the Grille homemade? Do NOT record questions like: Can you get this book for me?

The form for recording said questions can be found here:

Or at GO/zoho_circ

Please let me know if you have questions.