Circ meeting minutes 10-26-2011

Present: Shawn, Todd, Kim, Nancy, Kellam, Rachel, Dan

DVD project: what’s working, what isn’t general thoughts:
* ILL use of media has increased greatly – one month loan with one month renewal
* ILL wonders if color location can be reflected in the item record
* All positive feedback from users
* Locking cases is so much better than retrieving discs
* NExpress use remains about the same
* No reserve issues so far
* Collection is pretty messy, but we are working on it daily
* Joseph will do a massive shelf-read when the project is done

ILL requests a map of Circ, where everything is. Janine will work on this.

Dan created a circ survey first draft – collecting input from everyone.

Discussion about the staff survey results – general agreement that we are busy but not stressed, do not share a lot of the broader LIS themes that came out of the survey

Dan will schedule a Create Lists training session sometime soon

We should buy new microfilm/fiche machines, USB, hook up to Papercut or scan to email. 1 for Armstrong, 2-3 for Davis. Dan will talk to Petar.

Shawn met with Peggy re. the copier/printer situation in Armstrong – stats do not yet justify adding a machine to Armstrong, but they will monitor the situation.

6-month reviews are done – thanks all!

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