Reminder to all Circulation student staff members

This is a brief reminder to preferably let me, or if necessary, another supervisor know when a piece of equipment is loaned out by you, when that particular item does not have all of its components at checkout time. There have been cases in which a patron has claimed that all of the items within a laptop, camcorder or a camera were not included when checked out. We want to avoid these situations so there is no question about components missing. Today I had this scenario, since a patron said a laptop did not have its mouse when he checked it out by a student. I need to know when this occurs. The best procedure is for you to place that laptop or media item on my desk with a note that the mouse (or whatever the case may be) is missing, and to get another laptop case with all of its pieces intact. Even if a patron says they do not need a particular part inside a case at checkout time, they need to receive the complete case with all of its parts. It is important so we can keep track of responsibility for media.  Thank you very much for your attention to this issue. Details matter.

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