Reminder to student circ staff for equipment loan periods

This is to remind everyone that we need to keep with the established loan periods associated with each media item that we loan out. Frequently, patrons ask for extended time periods. When asked this question, you can explain to the patron that a one-day or one-week loan period (which ever the case) is our practice so other borrowers have an opportunity to borrow the same equipment. If you find it is sometimes difficult to refuse these requests, please feel free to defer these requests to a supervisor. We have limited supplies of our items, particularly VGA adapters, digital cameras and LCD projectors. When loan periods are extended, it makes it hard to circulate these items as often as we would intend.  Thank you. You have each done such great jobs at the desk all summer long!

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  1. Thanks for a great summer. We appreciate you all. Thanks for being so patient and awesome!
    -Sye and Angie

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