Personal copies on reserve

All personal copies of reserve books and media are now off reserve and ready for faculty to pick them up. They are on carts near Kellam’s desk and arranged alphabetically by faculty last name. The items can simply be handed over — no need to check out or desensitize. Please provide access out of the rear of the building for faculty who have a large number of items to pick up. Thanks, and please let me know if you have any questions.

Students in the buff return to entertain library night owls~

As we approach the end of finals week, we are not without entertainment.
Looks like they are at it again. We can’t confirm to which group this nude bunch belongs, but we know they are used to retreiving objects outdoors, though it is mighty chilly to be running through the night this time of year sans mittens and boots, much less without pants and shirts. Amidst single-degree temps, if these happy-go-lucky runners are not part of the famous bastion of hearty New Englanders, they are ready to qualify now. Did I see bare feet?  Hard to tell. And to one brave and adventurous female among the males joining in the freezing fun run: “You go girl!”  At least sunglasses and hats seemed to keep many in disguise. Ah, but some of us know who you are nonetheless.  No mud left on the doors this time…just snow…brrrrrrr!

Cramming and non-cramming students welcome!

Since we are now open 24/7 until Friday, Dec. 10 (Sat the 11th we close at 8 PM), we would like to welcome all bleary-eyed, hard-working students to our quiet place. We also welcome entertaining students, like the streaking stream of mud-caked students who graced our lobby and staircase a couple weeks ago! You know who you are, however, we do not know who you are, due to your daytime disguise in student attire. We saw your tracks and heard the patter of bare feet on tile and wood stairs as you ran to the 2nd floor. It may be getting a tad chilly now, but we wanted to acknowledge your distracted presence, in case you thought no one saw you. Believe us, mouths were agape and eyes were wide in amazement. Until next time, bundle up and happy studying!