Browsing DVD Circulation Reminder

This is a reminder to Circulation student staff members to regularly check our browsing DVD cases. We are routinely finding DVDs left in their cases when returned to the browsing shelves.  At the same time, we are finding the opposite situation with missing/lost/never seen again DVDs, arriving to the Circ Desk in empty cases.  It is getting to be a regular thing, evolving into a new game called, “Where is the ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ DVD ?”  Or yesterday, “Where is the DVD case for ‘Traffic’?”  This is actually bound to happen, but maybe we can cut down on some of that search time by opening cases when they go in and out.
I do want to thank the students who have been great about taking DVD cases back to the browsing area; it has been a huge help! Remember to help out with book carts too…

Try to stay healthy. There are some colds lurking around the area. Take care and look for new snacks coming your way in a drawer near you.

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