Browsing DVD Circulation Reminder

This is a reminder to Circulation student staff members to regularly check our browsing DVD cases. We are routinely finding DVDs left in their cases when returned to the browsing shelves.  At the same time, we are finding the opposite situation with missing/lost/never seen again DVDs, arriving to the Circ Desk in empty cases.  It is getting to be a regular thing, evolving into a new game called, “Where is the ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ DVD ?”  Or yesterday, “Where is the DVD case for ‘Traffic’?”  This is actually bound to happen, but maybe we can cut down on some of that search time by opening cases when they go in and out.
I do want to thank the students who have been great about taking DVD cases back to the browsing area; it has been a huge help! Remember to help out with book carts too…

Try to stay healthy. There are some colds lurking around the area. Take care and look for new snacks coming your way in a drawer near you.

Post-Halloween Gratitude!

I am sending out a special thank you to Momo and Brittany for sponsoring and working extra time on this year’s Halloween “Top Ten Scary Movie Picks!”  You two created a hauntingly fun poster, which set the mood for a “spooky season” feeling inside the library.  All visiting Circ Desk students were engaged by participating in coloring Halloween decorations, which Momo and Brittany hung!  You two did a fantastic job, and we had enthusiastic responses from your Halloween jolt!  Thanks to the entire student circ staff for participating. Thanks to everyone for the chills!!!!!!!!!!  You guys keep it lively and fun!

Circ Desk Work Tips

With final exam week on the horizon, it is appropriate to review a couple basic work tips when working behind the desk. This list is meant merely as a “brush-up” since we will be getting  busy in the coming weeks.  Please keep in mind that MOST of you have already mastered these tips exceptionally well. We have seniors who will soon enter the professional world, with others following on their heels, so putting aside the library-specific points, these mini-lessons will apply after you graduate. Let’s continue to have fun while we work together, particularly while we head into the 24/7 work mode!  Below are four simple rules to keep in mind.
1- Please maintain a professional and courteous manner.  Remember to greet your morning, afternoon or evening supervisor when you arrive. This basic etiquette rule also applies at the end of your shift; you might say “good-bye” for instance, or “farewell,”  “later gator,”  “adios,” or any number of choice departing phrases…your call!  It is considerate and a good habit to let your supervisor know when you begin and end your work period.
2- When visiting with friends, please remember your voice levels. We are in a library after all, though sometimes it is easy to forget that, especially when your friends come around re-hashing the weekend.
3- If you are sick or you have another commitment which conflicts with your shift, sending out your email request and  assuming it is all set doesn’t cut it. You have to (a) find your replacement, then (b) follow through to be certain your sub shows up (via email, cell, text or some other way) (c) if you can’t find someone, talk to a supervisor). 
4- Assist in basic tasks as a general habit. If you see a book cart or reserve book cart is filled, and you have a spare minute when the desk is quiet, please unload the cart or bring  it to the shelving area to re-shelve it. The same goes for accumulated empty DVD cases on the shelf. Please use a little initiative by walking them over to Browsing. This helps the work flow at the Circ Desk significantly!

These are meant to be positive reminders, as we supervisors thank you for the performance in your work which you do very well. I think you know that too, but I wanted to remind you of that important point.


Next Monday, Nov. 8th, will be the official, fully licensed, accept-no-substitutes start of STATS WEEK.
“What does this mean for me?” you may be asking yourself.
You’ve got some of nerve.

But seriously.

We stopped making you keep stats all the time, so for this one week, please keep track of any question you get asked and tally it on this form. I will try to keep that page up all the time so you can just switch over to it. Supervisors will try to remind you as best we can, but in order for these to be useful statistics, we need to make a strong effort to actually record them. Check out the categories listed and let me know if you have any questions.

Want Free Money?

All you have to do is show up and hang out with Reference Librarian Steve Bertolino for an hour while he talks about Reference stuff and we will pay you for your time. This will be primarily geared towards Davis Family Library resources, but all are welcome to attend.

You have two options:
Tuesday, Nov. 9th: 12:30-1:30 (Feel free to bring your lunch!)
Tuesday, Nov. 9th: 4:30-5:30

Both sessions are in LIB 105.