Requesting is back on – print paging slips!

As of right this minute, requesting of available items has been turned back on. “What does this mean for me?” you might be asking. I’m glad you asked. It means that we (circulation) need to run the paging slips every morning. The procedure is pretty much the same as the NExpress paging slips, and can be found here.

Davis Family Library – Bookdrops

The back book drop is located in Lib 131, formerly the book stacks office, now occupied by Lisa Terrier. Lisa will empty the drop and deliver returns to the Circ desk M-F mornings. Circ (staff only) will empty on days when Lisa is out, as part of the evening routine, and on weekends, or as needed during peak times. To ensure security and privacy, Lib 131 will soon be re-keyed. The new book drop key chain will include 2 keys – a key for locking the exterior of the drop if ever needed, and a key for the interior office door to Lib 131/the book drop cupboard. The exterior of the drop should be unlocked at all times, and Lib 131 should be kept locked at all times.
Many thanks to Lisa – it’s not everyone that gets to share an office with a book drop! 🙂

A reminder that the front book-drop is located in the cupboard under the courtesy hold shelf and needs to be checked at opening, prior to closing and regularly throughout the day.


Library Reserve personal copies

Please see the email I sent yesterday to faculty who had personal copies on reserve. The personal copies are on carts in my workspace (LIB250L) and are arranged in alphabetical order by faculty last name.

“All items have been removed from Library Reserves, and your personal copies of books and media are ready for pick up at the Davis Family Library Circulation Desk. Please stop by to retrieve your personal copies (or have someone pick them up on your behalf) as soon as possible, but no later than Fri 5/28. You can find the Library’s hours here:

If you have a large number of items to pick up, we’re happy to bring them to the rear of the building and help you load them into your car.”

Repairs to P&P

Message form Joseph:
The end processing unit has moved from LIB133 to LIB135.
The conservation workshop is still in LIB134 within LIB133, so please continue to bring books and DVDs needing repair to LIB133 and place them on the wooden cart that you’ve been routinely placing them on which is now just inside the door of LIB134.