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Circ Meeting Notes 5/26

Circ Meeting Notes 5/26

Requesting is back on – print paging slips!

As of right this minute, requesting of available items has been turned back on. “What does this mean for me?” you might be asking. I’m glad you asked. It means that we (circulation) need to run the paging slips every … Continue reading

Reshelving – making great progress!

Many thanks for all the help with re-shelving! Rich reports that there has been solid progress on the reshelving front. If current levels of effort can be maintained we could be through the backlog of returns by the end of … Continue reading

Microfilm splicing equipment

From Rich: The microfilm splicing equipment has moved to P&P, and film may be forwarded to him for repair as necessary (or to me, over the remaining five or so weeks).

Weekly report 5/26

Weekly Report Date: 26 May 2010 Workgroups(s); Circulation Services – Circulation, Reserves and Stacks Stats: 24/7: Headcounts overnight: 5636 vs. 4457 in the Fall. Gate Counts overnight: 4150 vs. 4650 in the Fall. Yellow cables: very low at Armstrong: less … Continue reading