Circ Student of the Week

music starThanks to Sean Mann-O’Halloran for troubleshooting some major schedule confusion and ensuring reliable coverage at Music this past week. Sean, stop by the Main Library – there are some fresh-baked cookies with your name on them.

Elise, there is also (a belated) bag for you at Main Circ!

Thanks to you all for your good work – please forward your suggestions for student of the week by next Thursday. 🙂

Course evaluation forms

Hi all,  Just as we did last fall semester Armstrong will once again be a collection point for course response forms starting Monday May 3rd and ending at 5 pm on Monday May 10th.    Students filling out the forms have been instructed that they can turn the forms in at Armstrong Library.    When you receive a form it will be in an envelope.   You are to immediately deposit the form in the collection box located on the floor  near the calculator drawer.    Please do not hesitate to ask Carrie, Nancy or Todd if you have any questions.

The Yellow Cable Strikes Back

Coming soon to the circulation desk nearest you…

We will soon have a limited supply of yellow ethernet cables that we will be distributing to patrons until the end of exams. Please follow the procedure below and be sure to ask a supervisor if you have questions.

1. Take the patron’s ID card
2. Place the card in the special ID box in alphabetical order by last name
3. Give the patron an ethernet cable
4. When the patron returns the cable, return their ID to them. Please be sure it is the correct ID.

* If someone needs to check something out but their ID is in the special ID box, please find their ID by their last name, check out the item(s), and return the ID to the box.
* For Middlebury students, faculty, and staff only. No guest users.
* NO cables may be borrowed after circulation is closed for the evening. Cables can still be returned, however.
There is also information available in the wiki.

Additional procedure for PC faculty/staff laptops

Hi all. A small addition to the procedure for checking out Dell PC laptops to faculty and staff. Remember how, with the faculty/staff Macbooks, we require patrons to log in using their own ID and password at the far-left part of the Circ Desk? Well, now we’re doing that for faculty/staff PCs as well. When you check out a Dell laptop to a faculty or staff member, please direct them to go to the far left part of the Circ Desk, plug into the Ethernet cable there, and log in the laptop using their own username and password. The purpose of this is for assured functionality so they can access personal files once they leave campus. If a problem occurs, refer them to a Circ Supervisor – we can troubleshoot, ask Helpdesk to step in, or exchange their faculty/staff laptop for another one. Students working in the evenings at the branches can call Main if a supervisor is needed. Thanks!