Spacesaver shelving units – out of order

out of orderThe problem with the Spacesaver movable compact shelving has been reported. In the meantime, please assist users who need access to the bound periodicals on the lower level.
Go with the user to the shelves and bring the Spacesaver Power Override with you.
Take care when using the Power Override – as all safety functions are disabled when using the Power Override.
Only one shelf can be moved at a time, and shelves move very s-l-o-w-l-y.
The Power Override (formerly kept at the Info Desk) is now kept at the Main Circ Desk under the counter, next to the credit card machine, to the left of the emergency manual.
Replacement batteries are available next to the Power Override – you’ll need a philips head screwdriver to replace the battery.
PS – for supervisors only – there is a Spacesaver safety override key in the Circ Office – though Rich reports that it does not always work.

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We – the LIS Website Team – are asking for your help in assessing our new web presence. Before the makeover, some of you completed a survey about the old LIS website, which was very helpful to us. We’re asking you all to take a similar survey about the new LIS website now – whether you did the previous one or not! The results will help us as we plan for the continuing development of the site.

Check out the survey here. It shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes to complete and can easily be completed during your next shift.

Thanks very much for your help,
Jim Beauchemin, Doreen Bernier, Jess Isler, Carrie Macfarlane, Ian McBride, Barbara Merz, Liz Whitaker-Freitas, Elin Waagen

Circ Weekly Report 24 March 2010

daffUser Services Weekly Report
Date: 24 March 2010
Workgroups(s); Circulation Services – Circulation, Reserves and Stacks
• Gate Count Blitz Week results –for details check this path – middfiles\orgs\LIS\Circulation Services\Statistics. Many thanks to the Circ student employees for their diligence in ensuring accurate and complete stats gathering
• Armstrong: average daily – 504; busiest hour 12 – 1; busiest period 11 – 3; busiest day – Monday; day with least activity – Saturday (294)
• Main: average daily – 1977; busiest hour 3 – 4; busiest period 2 – 5; busiest day – Tuesday (5356), with Monday (5343) a close second; day with least activity – Saturday (1630)
• Music: average daily – 136; busiest hour 5 – 6; busiest period 10 – 6; busiest day – Tuesday; average hourly activity past 6 pm – 7 people; day with least activity – Saturday (77)
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Reminder re: media needed for screenings

This is a reminder that on the day of a scheduled screening, films may not be borrowed prior to the screening. Students may borrow films immediately after a screening, or on any day prior to the day of the scheduled screening, and regular reserve loan guidelines apply.

This policy is in place so we can guarantee that the media needed for a screening is accounted for, clean, and ready to go for a screening.

This policy has been in place for over a year, so students and faculty should already be aware of this policy and the need to plan accordingly. Please refer any questions to a supervisor — we’re happy to help explain our policies to our borrowers.

Hold Shelf

A few tips to help keep the hold shelf accurate and in order:
At all branches:
Print a hold slip for every item to go on the shelf
If it is going on hold at another branch, select to set item in transit and print slip; place on shelf/in bin to transit to branch pick-up location (this is the only time you need to print a transit slip; the slip alerts staff at the other branches that it needs to go on the hold shelf)
Insert slip in item with borrowers name facing the back of the book (so it is easily seen when the borrower comes to pick it up)
Shelve on hold shelf by borrower’s LAST name (if you are in doubt about the spelling or if it is a hyphenated name, look the borrower up in Mill Circ)
At check-out, remove and recycle hold slips
Check that all items on hold shelf are in alphabetical order
Check that all items are accounted for and on hold for the correct borrower
Check for “hold started” date on hold slips; remove if older than 8 days; scan barcode to be sure it is checked-in; re-shelve or if item generates a hold, print slip and place item back on hold shelf with a new hold-slip

In addition – at Main:
Shelve arrivals from ILL and NExpress on hold shelf by borrowers last name
ILL – check for item with expired due date; remove from shelf, scan to be sure it is checked in; place on ILL return cart
NExpress – check for item with received date older than 8 days; scan barcode to be sure it is checked in; if the status changes to “received” it may mean that the borrower was never notified that it arrived; if so, email the borrower and ask if they still need it; other NExpress items may need to checked in via the Inn-Reach node (on a supervisor log-in) before being sent back

Let me know if you have any questions.
Thanks for your help in ensuring an accurate hold-shelf for our borrowers.