How to ask for a sub for your shift

Student Staff Substitute Procedure
Send an original email to the appropriate student assistant distribution list
(A huge favor – please do not “reply all” to someone else’s request for a sub to ask for a sub for your shift – this gets very confusing when tracking changes to shifts)
o Main Library: LIS – Main Lib Circ Student Assistants distribution list
o Music Library: LIS – Music Library Student Assistants distribution list
o Armstrong Library: LIS – Armstrong Library Student Assistants distribution lis

Type your name, day, date & time (of the sub shift) in the subject field of the message (example – Elin needs a sub Thurs 9/24 2 – 4 pm)

Reply to all when signing up for a shift – so everyone knows it is now taken – you are now responsible for the shift

Check Outlook to confirm that the shift change has been recorded correctly on the master Outlook calendar

Important! If all efforts to find a sub fail, speak directly with a supervisor to alert them to the problem – as far in advance as possible

Many, many thanks! We rely very heavily on your support in providing front desk services to the College community – and it is critical to our operations that you (or your sub) are there as scheduled. 🙂

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