Monthly Archives: September 2009

Are you working on a research paper?

Get paid to learn how to find peer-reviewed journal articles, books, statistics and other sources that can be hard to track down on your own.  Log in to the wiki and tell us what you want to know, then attend … Continue reading

Compact shelving section not working at Armstrong.

Armstrong has a section of compact shelving that is not working properly, i.e. it trips the “aisle in use light” and will not clear  (open).    Usually we use the over-ride key but this is not working well.   The section is the … Continue reading

Plotter use at Armstrong

Main Library’s plotter is still down and won’t be up before next week.     We’ll continue to be busy printing posters for the time being.    Please refer questions students have to Dave Guertin (x3143) room 506 Bi-Hall.   If  Dave is unavailable … Continue reading

Copy cards

A heads up that Gail Smith is going to be showing Steve Goodman how to manage the copy card machine in the Main Library  (in the Main Level print/copy room). Steve will be the contact for any issues that arise … Continue reading

Weekly Circ Report 9/30

User Services Weekly Report Date: 30 Sept 2009