Compact shelving section not working at Armstrong.

Armstrong has a section of compact shelving that is not working properly, i.e. it trips the “aisle in use light” and will not clear  (open).    Usually we use the over-ride key but this is not working well.   The section is the last four aisles of the periodicals compact shelving near the center of the stacks, call number QH 573 to the TD’s.   Please if someone needs to get into this section get a supervisor or if it’s at night they’ll have to wait until morning.   Get their name and the call number of the book they need , and a supervisor will retrieve it.   I’ll keep you up to date as to when it will be fixed.

Plotter use at Armstrong

Main Library’s plotter is still down and won’t be up before next week.     We’ll continue to be busy printing posters for the time being.    Please refer questions students have to Dave Guertin (x3143) room 506 Bi-Hall.   If  Dave is unavailable they can try contacting Mack Roark (x2328) room 214 Main Library.    Please also keep an eye on the plotter, and don’t let anyone but LIS staff and those on the list in 209 work on or change the paper.

Main Library – Printer Update

From Tech Helpdesk:
LIB242 has been replaced with a brand new Kyocera printer.
The new printer driver (with the same old name LIB242) has been installed on all the public computers in the Main Library. We may have missed a few, so if you hear from customers that the new printer is printing gibberish, please obtain the name of the computer that the customer was using and notify the Tech Helpdesk.

“Research-How to Help” Training and Homework

As Elin told you earlier this week, you can expect to receive more requests for help with research at the Circ Desk this year.  Reference librarians are still available, but they’re probably a little harder to find.  We need you to help us connect researchers with resources–including us!


  1. Read the new “Research-How to Help” page on the Circ Wiki.
  2. Add a sample question for us to use in training:  a) Log in to the “Research-How to Help” page; b) Jump to the “Students/Staff: Add example questions…” section; c) Click “edit”;” d) Record a question you’ve received at the desk.
  3. Attend a training session: a) Monday, October 5, 12:15-1:15, Lib 105; or b) Tuesday, October 6, 4:30-5:30, Lib 105.

You’ll be paid for attending the training session.  Attendance is strongly encouraged.  Earn and learn!

See you on the 5th or the 6th,

Carrie Macfarlane and Brenda Ellis

Armstrong Weekly 9/26

Hi,   A few thoughts as we end the first week of the new supervisors schedule.

Please!!!!!  keep me in the loop with any problems or issue that arise during your shift.   This includes, but is not limited to printer issues, low supplies,  missing books, patron questions that couldn’t be resolved, etc.   

Several students have asked if Armstrong is also doing gate counts at the beginning of each shift.   The answer is yes, take the count as you walk in to start your shift.  Also closers will continue to take the count at closing.

Closing issues that I’ve heard about.   Make sure  the alarm to the service door is turned off at closing, and the door is locked.    Front:  read the blog about the switches, they were wrong again this morning.