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  1. My general observations over the summer:

    1. Fewer than usual guests needing printing, which we don’t control one way or another, but my guess is that word has gone out that there’s no free printing at Midd anymore.

    2. I explained how to use guest printing to ~15 people. 3 had some major problems with it and I had to help them through the process, and 1 of those needed to be given a $1 emergency card. The others either had no problems, or decided not to use the service. One woman said she didn’t actually need the printout, another was trying to print a plane ticket and wasn’t going to buy a $5 card, etc.

    3. I think the program is having its desired effect: discouraging our guest users from heavy printing. There aren’t any changes that come to mind as necessary at this time.

  2. A few comments/observations:
    In general very few problems noted
    Circ staff gave out 2 $1 courtesy cards
    Many users went elsewhere rather than create an account “that is way too complicated – and more printing value than I need”
    Some regular users were appreciative of past free printing, and set up accounts for regular printing access
    Some complaints that directions were confusing
    Some confusion regarding which account/card to use for computing access, print release, print generating, and copying while in the libraries
    Complaint from AY student that there is no walk-up printing
    Suggestion from LS student that we have a walk-up/quick print option when printing only 1-2 pages
    User added their value to account left open by previous user
    LS students trying to print from guest print station – a regular issue reported by HD walk-in and Circ desks
    Guest print card purchased and (attempted to) use to copy
    Printing more pages than value in account

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