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Summer Stats: 08 vs. 09

Gate Count: June: 26917 vs. 22565 July: 75413 vs. 65499 August: 42650 vs. 33309 Total: 144980 vs. 121373 Circulation: June: 10034 vs. 9671 July: 24327 vs. 21769 August: 14933 vs. 12236 Total: 49294 vs. 43676

Getting Thesis Carrels Ready

We’ve already gone through and cleaned out all the thesis carrels in the Main Library, and are now at work on policies and procedures for the start of the academic year. As seniors start returning to campus, they may ask … Continue reading

Weekly Circ Report 8/26/09

User Services Weekly Report Date: 26 August 2009 Name: Elin Waagen Workgroups(s); Circulation Services – Circulation, Reserves and Stacks

Web requesting options

I will try to summarize our options for requesting and paging.

Summer Equipment stats

Circ stats from July 1st (couldn’t collect June due to the fiscal roll-over). Let me know if there are others about which you are curious; these seemed the most likely candidates.