Book Sale Starts Tomorrow – July 7th

From Joseph:

BOOK SALE INFO for Summer 2009-

The regular sale will start promptly at 9:00am on Tuesday July 7th and continue during regular open hours until the morning of the 13th. (Items become free on Friday so the real “sale” ends then.)

The books will be in the Atrium on a large gray cart. It’s mostly Japanese with a few Chinese items mixed in. These are surplus items from a recent gift to the library. All proceeds from the sale will be added to the library’s materials replacement fund.

Items may be purchased at the Circulation Desk with cash or checks made out to Middlebury College.

Do not agree to let people “save” things behind the Circ. Desk to purchase later. Items must be purchased and taken away, or left on the carts for someone else to buy.

Full price will be charged for everything on Tues. and Wed. The prices will be cut in half (paperbacks two for the price of one) on Thurs. and everything becomes free on Fri. and throughout the weekend.

Questions can be directed to Joseph in the Preservation & Processing. X5487.

Guest Printing, Computing and Borrowing

Guest Printing
The process in 4 steps:
STEP 1 – Purchase a $5 PrintCard
Available at The College Book Store, the MiddExpress and the Wilson Café
STEP 2 – Create a PaperCut account on the Guest Print Station
Add value as needed after creating your PaperCut account by purchasing $5 cards
User creates their own print account, username and password
STEP 3 – Select a Printer
At the Guest Print station, open the document to be printed (via personal email, CD, storage device or Zip Drive) and select printer
STEP 4 – Release print
Print Release station is adjacent to printer selected
Log in using the PaperCut account username and password to print (NOT the pclab guest computing password)

Guest Computing
Need daily pclab password to log in to computers – does not permit printing

Guest Borrowing Privileges
By application. Guest borrowing privileges do not include printing privileges, restrictions apply to borrowing.
See Borrowing Guidelines for more info.

YES – The Libraries are open on the 4th of July!

A few questions have come up about Library hours for the upcoming holiday weekend.
Due to the short duration of the LS and BL summer programs the Libraries have traditionally been open full summer hours during the 4th of July holiday.
As always, it is good to track actual activity in the libraries to help us better plan for future hours of service.
SO…starting at 5 pm this weekend and through Sunday at closing – please record gate counts, user activity and comments, and any other observations. Feel free to comment on this blog post – or contact me directly with any comments or observations.
Thanks. 🙂

VCAL – Vermont Consortium of Academic Libraries – Reciprocal Borrowing

VCAL – Vermont Consortium of Academic Libraries – Reciprocal Borrowing

The VCAL cards and expiration stickers are here! They can be found in the guest card drawer at Main Circ. Let me know if you have any questions.
Please check links below for details and authorization form for faculty reciprocal borrowing.
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Color Printing

A reminder: while Main and Armstrong have color copiers, Main is the only branch with color printing. The color printer in Main is attached to only one computer, a Mac desktop located along the outside wall of the Media Lab. Users need to use that computer specifically in order to print in color. One often-used method is to email the item which needs to be printed to themselves, then open their email at that specific computer. If any of the ink cartridges are out, users should get more ink from the Helpdesk.

Shelving unit problems

We’ve been having problems with a section of shelving units in the Bound periodicals section QP 351. I’ve been showing our students how to use the over-ride key since they get stuck almost everytime we use any aisle near this unit. Please contact Armstrong staff if you might be working over here and encounter this problem. PLEASE NOTE: It’s important that you make sure the aisle you overriding is clear of patrons, as the override ignores all signals to stop.