Retired Staff – Borrowing

Just a heads up that staff and faculty who have retired recently may have an end of employment expiration date in their borrowing account. This information is entered by Human Resources, and uploaded to the library borrowing data base from Banner. It is an easy fix! And we welcome continued borrowing by retired staff and faculty.
Supervisors, please adjust the record as follows:
Update address info to home address
Enter home phone number
Verify that the email address is accurate
Remove the expiration date
Adjust patron type to 53, 54 or 82
PS issues a new ID designating current college employment status

Carts and Bins – Coming and Going!

Take care to ensure that the contents of bins and carts go where they are supposed to go.
Before you do anything with a cart or bin – inspect and sort the contents VERY carefully. Look at each and every item to determine next steps.
Determine if items are going to Main, Mills, Music, Armstrong or Davison BEFORE you scan and process.
If you do not know where something is supposed to go, ASK!
Or if you are not sure where the cart or bin came from or where it is going – ASK!
When in doubt – check the status and item details of the item in the system.
Supervisors, please sort all arriving/departing bins/carts prior to assigning specific processing tasks to student employees.
Look carefully for items going off campus to the Davison and Mills Libraries.
Recent problems:
Several Nexpress books never made it to Davison – they were sent back to the lending library before the requester had a chance to use them.
Quite a few ILL’s were requested for pick-up at Davison, but were shelved at Main
Many thanks for your help.

Mills Requests Work-flow in 10 EZ Steps

Be on the look-out for Mills requests.
Here is a reminder of the work-flow for Mills requests:
1. Patron logs in to Midcat at Mills, places a request to be picked up in Mills- California
2. Paging slip is generated and sorted by Main Circ
3. If item is not on shelf, a standard cancellation notice will be generated by Main Circ and the item status will be changed to “missing”
4. If on shelf, item is pulled, and then checked in, which will put the item in transit to Mills. Paging slip is placed in the item.
5. Circ will cancel the hold using the new Mills hold cancellation notice. This will alert the patron at Mills that the item will be shipped to them shortly.
6. Item is placed RUSH on Cataloging shelf @ Circ; or delivered immediately to CM area
7. CM and LS Liaison evaluate item for transfer or ILL
8. If replacement item is available, item will be transferred to the Midd at Mills campus collection
9. Cataloging will edit and mask bib record; add 949 field – which creates an item record at Mills; item will be visible in client (loc omill), but not in MidCat; ILL will ship
10. If replacement item is not available, SKIP step 9! Item will be processed as an ILL, shipped by ILL, and returned to Midd campus

Courtesy Hold Shelf

The courtesy hold shelf is used for several different things.
1. A place for temporarily holding library materials that are not checked out. Item status – available. The borrower may have an overdue or may have forgotten their card. You can offer to hold the materials they would like to borrow for 24 hours.
NOT to be used for holding library materials that are checked out. Instead, check in and place a system hold so that item reflects accurate system location and status.

2. A place to hold video and DVD cases that are returned to the library without a disc or part/booklet. Notify borrower – do not check in. Item status – checked out.
NOT for music CD cases returned without discs or booklets. Return to Music Library – do not check in. Status – checked out

3. A place to hold miscellaneous things that need to be picked up – usually left there by LIS staff.
NOT to be used for picking up media services equipment – media service equipment is held on the media shelf in the equipment closet.

NOT for lost and found

So many cards – so much confusion

There has been some confusion recently about the many cards needed to print, copy, borrow and do other things on campus…
Please explain very carefully the difference between Copy Cards and Print Cards when providing assistance. You cannot use a copy card to print. You cannot use a print card to copy.

Print Cards:
*Middlebury College students, faculty and staff do not need to purchase Print Cards – they simply log into the release station with their Midd username and password to release their print job.
*Guests need to purchase a Print Card at the Library Cafe, the College Bookstore or MiddExpress to create an on-line PaperCut account that will allow them printing privileges. The Print Card itself does not get inserted into any machine or unit – it is used only to create an on-line guest print account.

Copy Cards:
Guests AND students need a copy card to be able to copy.
*Copy Cards can be purchased from the black Equitrac copy card vending units with a $1 bill – and value can be added after the initial purchase.
*Copy cards are inserted into the black Equitrac box adjacent to the copier to be able to copy
*Faculty and staff may have a departmental account – in which case a copy card is not needed.
*Faculty and staff need to enter their ID and departmental code (2) into the white Equitrac box adjacent to the copier.

Thanks for helping our users navigate unfamiliar procedures and systems.

VCAL Borrowing

From Terry Simpkins:
I wanted to alert you to the VCAL reciprocal borrowing program that Middlebury now participates in. This program allows faculty from Middlebury to walk-in to participating libraries in the state and borrow materials from them as if they were full guest borrowers of that library. Faculty do need to fill out a form and get a VCAL card from the circulation desk here at Middlebury first.
Please remember that:
Faculty need to first get a VCAL card from Main Circ
Faculty are expected to return borrowed items to the owning library
Faculty are expected to abide by the owning library’s guest circulation policies
Please feel free to let me know if you need more information.

Guest borrowing cards are issued during weekdays at the Main Circ Desk. Supervisors – please check the circ wiki for details about processing VCAL borrowing privileges.
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