Weekly Circ Report 7/29/09

User Services Weekly Report

Date: 29 July 2009
Name: Elin Waagen
Workgroups(s); Circulation Services – Circulation, Reserves and Stacks

• Staffing: planning for fall schedules; staff rotations opening and covering at Main
• Workflows: setting priorities and reviewing Main task checklists; web requesting – how to facilitate NExpress requesting instead of placing holds on checked-out Midd titles; progress in thinking collectively about helpful vs. essential services at Circ; collaborating with ILL on workflow revisions; discussion about reducing/eliminating services
• Annual circ report/stats
• Millennium Circ: exploring status options/functionalities and automatic paging slip generation (for streamlining opening workflow); edits to notice text
• Borrower data base: Guest records maintenance
• Lots of flexibility and good spirits covering for each other during summer vacations and days off
• BLSE: Planning for end of term
• BLWC: Preparing for Conference
• LS: General increase in activity, requesting
• Completed student training survey, results posted on the blog, evaluating data to make recommendations for future training
• Student employees: FY10 budget completed; Main – planning for fall semester schedules; hiring paperwork and tasks, etc.; testing a staggered schedule idea for Summer ’10; students helpful covering for each other; Armstrong student helping fill gap at Main
• Main: Lots of foot traffic in the building, a slight increase in desk activity
• Evenings: Increase in building activity in evenings including Public Safety needing to gently prod students into leaving at closing
• Digital Archives Team: Moving forward on metrics and met with sponsor for Q&A
• LIS Website Team: survey and data analysis; working on recommendations
• Curricular Technology Team: Developed vision statement; meeting about Breadnet; fall 09 course website recommendations
• College web re-do – project managers meeting
• Music: First shifting project completed: 210 linear feet shifted
• Armstrong: Busy with patrons using computers and printing; requesting is steady, but certainly not overwhelming; 3-hole punch problem resolved; the poster session for the summer undergraduate research students will be held this Friday, July 31. We just learned that the plotter in Main is out of order, so the only one working is in Armstrong
• Stacks: Re-writing Stacks Student JD for Level B
• Loaner Equipment: increased equipment requests (most of which we’ve been able to fill); resolving replacing stolen camera parts; billing for lost/severely overdue equipment
• Reserves: Brain dump (building Reserve knowledge base on circ wiki); sent welcoming email to 2009-10 new faculty; processing books for BLWC almost complete; working on sending end of term reserve lists for BL faculty
• Weekend: Quite busy, especially on Sunday; large number of people studying in the Main Library; large numbers of books, both in paging slips and in sweeps on all three floors; gathered two full carts of books from the sweeps each of the 3 nights; 26+ paging slips on Saturday, and 46+ on Sunday (25 from one person)

• Guest password error
• ID mismatch issue resurfaced
• Printer jams
• Students trying to print from guest print stations
• DVD stuck in player
• Unsupervised kids in Main Library
• Armstrong: complaints about the warm temperature in 161 lab – especially upon opening (has been reported)
• Interesting to note that screenings volume has not decreased with various parts of LS at Mills
• Snafu with fac/staff laptop given to Helpdesk for repair but no ticket generated
• Mills request glitches
• Donations/gift guidelines confusion
• Self-check not properly de-sensitizing materials – resolved

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