Circ Meeting Notes 7-13-09

rich,kellam,elin,todd,nancy,dan,maura,joanne,steve in attendance

Preparing for maura and joanne’s absences

all aim to work as a group

who/how will we cover upcoming gaps?

should we utilize more students? resurrect level C position discussion?

info desk – what are the plans for it?

will info desk be combined with ref desk?

Can info/ref desk hours be diverted?

Can other LIS staff cover main circ hours?

Do we have enough  current total hours as circ staff to cover main open hours?

Can we combine branch staff hours with main staff hours to cover all desks?

Is it possible to investigate other LIS depts, due to budget crunch, who might have available or newly created free time  to participate in cross training?

can subs cover open hours?

are there re deployment hours a possibilitity?

Can flexed schedules help to cover gaps?

Can rich/morgan cover opening at main?

possibly have students come in at 7:30 AM

do we have to circulate items at main at 7:30 am?  Can we just open at main and begin circulating at 8?

consider a rotational schedule for opening similar to BL schedule

todd and nancy very willing to cover some open hours

possibly have todd/steve pick up student hiring piece

rachel could potentially p/u ILl/Reserves student piece

Summer 09 has been noticeably slower on all fronts

consider shifting am chores to pm shift – media screening prep for example

dan,nancy,rich may be willing to start rotation and question/re evaluate why do we do certain things? review opening funtions/checklist

staff will schedule opening training times with maura

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