Weekly Circ Report 8 July 09

User Services Weekly Report
Date: 8 July 2009
Name: Elin Waagen
Workgroups(s); Circulation Services – Circulation, Reserves and Stacks

% Student Budget Used
Main Circ – 106.3%
ArmCirc – 98.9%
Mus Circ – 89.0%
ILL/Res – 79.9%
Stacks – 120.6%

Armstrong ILL stats for June: 142 requests, of those 129 were filled or 90.84%.

Totals for FY08/09 – all branches
Circulations (including renewals): 251,698 (previous year total – 267,418)
Reserves: 20,029
Reserves Media: 6,649
NExpress: 8,751 (1,132 from Music)
Web Requests: 8,404

Circs by Borrower Type
Students: 177,282
Faculty: 45,069
Staff: 13,734
Guests: 4,621
Alumni: 2,200

• Full hours 4th Holiday weekend
• Continued discussion on User Services priorities and values
• Creative scheduling to fill staff schedule gaps at Circ service points
• Circ staff participating on LIS Web Presence, Digital Archives and Curricular Technology Teams
• Monthly and annual stats and reports gathering
• Searching – and finding – missing materials from monthly replacement reports
• BLSE: Circ flexing and stretching schedules to help staff Davison Desk; shelf reading project
• LS: Pace getting quicker with 7-week and 6-week schools on campus
• Music: Reviewing hours of service in planning for student budgets; activity picking up; starting big dusting/shelf-reading project
• Equipment: Covering staff absence; accommodating requests for long-term loans of short-term loaner equipment
• Student employees: Budget planning; active shift trading at Main to accommodate other summer commitments; Main – ice cream event; Armstrong – Working on a potential new schedule for Fall term, based on cutting weekday shifts down to one student.
• Main: Desk activity up; lots of Q&A; orientation to services and systems; directional assistance; fewer unsupervised children/dependents than last year
• Stacks: Shelf shifting project continues
• Armstrong: With the arrival of the six and seven week schools activity levels are up sharply; most notably printing; openings are busy as students rush in to print and I’ve gotten into the routine of checking the printer before I open to make sure all is well; Map Project – have finished sorting the maps from the Geography department; now cleaning up the Vermont collection maps; print release going well, and very busy; classes in both our 161 lab, and one of our group study rooms; requesting is steady, not overwhelming
• Reserves: Working with LS faculty, Media Services, and Collection Management to encourage consistent procedure for requesting screening requests (personal media items included) and entering information into FMP so our student screeners can count on items being available for them at the Circ Desk prior to the screenings
• Project of searching missing Davison books at Main
• Weekend: Steady all weekend. Lots of people in Main throughout; sweeps resulted in quite a few books retrieved; searching missing reports

• LS film viewing room reservations that go past closing of Library
• System down briefly
• Printer troubleshooting
• Armstrong: Experiencing a lot of patrons reporting a log-in error (“security log is full”). Although the solution is as simple as re-starting the computer, it seems to be happening constantly. I have reported it to the help-desk.
• Squeaky lobby doors very disruptive/annoying – FM work order submitted

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