Mill Circ PID

From Mike Lynch:
When using the Millennium client, if you click on Help –> About, you will see information about your current session, including the JRE version, current Login and Initials, current Scope and Server PID.

That last will be helpful to us when a session is hung and we need to kill it. By knowing the PIDs of the sessions that are running, we can kill the bad one without asking everyone to log off.

Printer Status Board at the Main Library

There is a cool new printers stop/go sign up on the white pillar to the right of the info desk to inform users about printer status.
The Helpdesk walk-in will be keeping this up to date and it will be vigorously maintained.
This is a simple but important step toward mitigating confusion and frustration in our printer world.
There are some spare “dots” in the drawer under the fax machine at the Info desk so that the board can be kept up to date by others if the Helpdesk is closed and locked.

Library Gifts and Donations

It’s peak time for donations!
Please review this info so you know what the guidelines and procedures are the next time you get a question about a gift or donation to the Library.

A reminder from Joe Toth – Collection Development Librarian
“We don’t accept items with the proviso that they must be added to the collection and/or that they should be returned if they are not. Donative intent passes full ownership to the receiver who may do with the item what s/he wishes. To do otherwise would create a huge record-keeping burden for us.”

Form and guidelines for gifts and donations.

Supervisors – please have forms available at all Circ desks – and review guidelines with student staff.