Processing of NExpress returns at the Circ Desk

Seems this week we’ve had a lot of ILL carts floating in and out of Circ. I like the idea of Circ checking in NExpress returns, it seems to fit well with what we do at Circ. If we continue this process, it would be great to have clear signage on the carts, as we handle a lot of books and the books need to end up in the right place!

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  1. Thanks for this reminder, Joanne.
    Always keep incoming ILL and NExpress loans separate from outgoing loans
    Pay close attention to the screen messages
    ILL and Circ supervisors, please review the process carefully with student staff – especially at the beginning of semesters when we are training new staff

    And last but not least – if you don’t know or are not clear about the procedure/task – please ASK!

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