Offline Circ

Barbara in Systems has updated the offline circ section of the Circ wiki.
Offline Circ data must be uploaded to system BEFORE Online Circ activity resumes.
Once the online Millennium Circ client is up and running again, Circ needs to upload the Offline Circ files. Once they files are uploaded, Systems staff need to process them into the database. Please review the procedures on the wiki so you are prepared the next time the system is unavailable.

Recent Grads Working on Campus

Recent graduates working on campus may need to have the expiration date on their library account extended. Students – please refer to a supervisor.
Supervisors – just ask how long they plan to be here – and extend expiration date as needed. Leave as senior student patron type (4) over the summer. Verify email address, add home address info.

If they are not working on campus, but are staying in the area, change patron type to alum (100), remove expiration date (leave blank), add home address info, update email etc.. It is OK to use the student ID. Alum ID’s are available at Public Safety.

Congratulations Graduates!

Congratulations and all best wishes to our wonderful Circulation graduates. Thank you for all your good work on behalf of LIS and Circulation Services. We will miss you all.

Nell Williams
Andrew Throdahl
Vera Butcher
Jennifer Brenes
Rosalind Chaplin
Emily Gaewsky
Ann Garcia
Reid Hansen
Dilanthi Ranaweera
Sam Shoushi
Gregory Arthur
Brittany Burnett
Loren Mejia
Bill Souser
Grace Duggan