Reminder about equipment and end-of-term borrowing

This is a reminder that our equipment pool will be in very high demand during these final weeks of the semester. Please pass requests for extended loan periods to either Kellam, Elin, or Media Services, for consideration.

Also, we will soon begin to field requests for equipment loans that extend into the summer. Our equipment will be heavily used this summer, particularly our audio and video devices, and Faculty/Staff laptops, so I ask that you please refer these requests to Kellam/Elin/Media Services before making any promises.

We hope to balance the needs of all of our users while making our equipment pool available to the largest number of borrowers.

Thanks for your help with this! -Kellam

SciFinder Scholar moving to web-only

In case you receive any questions in the next few weeks about SciFinder Scholar:

Our access to the client version of SciFinder Scholar ends on May 8.  After that, the SciFinder application that is loaded on library (and other) computers won’t work.  We’ll only have access to the web version.  To use SciFinder web, each person must create an individual account.  Continue reading

iPods for photography exhibit in Main Library atrium

A photography exhibit will be installed in the Main Library atrium from May 1-11. There is an audio component to this exhibit and we will have three iPods available at the Circ Desk that will be pre-loaded with audio files. They will have a four-hour loan, and will be labeled in a special way and live on the equipment counter near Kellam’s desk (so we can keep them charged and ready to go). They will only circulate with earbuds — not in a bag with the other accessories.

I’ll keep you posted with any updates on this special request. Please let me know if you have any questions.


Fall sign-up.

Fall semester sign-up will start next week. As with pass sign-ups Monday will be the day you sign up for ONE high-lighted weekday shift, starting at 8:30 am. Working a weekday shift is a requirement, (I’ll highlight the shifts that qualify as weekday). On day two, Tuesday (May 5) you may sign up for two more shifts, but only two more. Starting Wednesday you may add additional hours up to 15 hours for now. DO NOT sign up for two shifts in a row.

What’s that box by the calculator drawer.

You may have noticed a box sitting on the floor near the calculator drawer, and you probably asked yourselve “what’s that box?”. Well the answer is that’s a course evaluation forms collection box. Students with classes in Bicentennial Hall will have the option of droppping off course evaluation forms here at Armstrong. If you recieve an evaluation simply deposit it into the box and someone will come around and pick them all up later. Mail services is sending over someone each day starting May 4th. When they come in get Myself, Nancy or Carrie to help them open the box. Student staff check the book drop at night for any forms that may have been deposited there and put them into the collection box. The envelopes are supposed to be marked clearly so that we’ll know to put them in the drop box if we don’t see them come in.

Exam schedule at Armstrong – Spring 09

The term is quickly winding down, and finals will be starting on May 11. First reminder is that the spring term schedule for Armstrong circulation students ends May 10. Secondly sign up for finals starts on Tuesday April 28 at 7:45 am. Anyone wishing to keep a shift they had this term during finals may sign up for that shift today through closing on Monday. After that all shifts are available for anyone who wants them. We will have extended hours on Friday May 15 (open until 12am) and Saturday May 16 (open until 8pm).