Falling Ice, Snow and Water Leaks

FALLING ICE OR SNOW, from roof over doors
If dangerous snow or ice accumulates over a door, recruit a staff member to stand guard and alert people of the problem until signage is posted, then call Joseph x5487 and let him know about it. (Call your building coordinator if you’re working at a branch library.)
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Browsing DVD tips

Hey everyone. I’ve been doing a shelf-read of the Browsing DVDs this week. There weren’t many errors I found, but the few I did were, as Elin would say, “very creative,” so I wanted to mention a few things to keep in mind when shelving Browsing DVDs.

1. If a DVD is not inside the case, do NOT check it in. Rather, give it to a supervisor on duty and they will email the patron who had the movie and ask them to return the DVD.

2. Make sure it’s actually a Browsing DVD – it will say “Browsing Media” on the cover of the case. A few of the discs in the Browsing section actually belonged to DVDs in the Media Collection.

3. When you put away a disc, please check to make sure the sleeve is in call # order in the bin. Look a couple sleeves before and after it to confirm.

4. A number of our Browsing movies have multiple discs. Please make sure, when checking them in or out, that you can account for every disc a set should have.

Thanks for your continued efforts! Enjoy your winter break!

Amstrong Front doors not locking.

We’ve had problems getting the front doors to lock at closing. So please all closers double check that both doors are shut tight and locked before you leave.
We’ve found that the right door (if you are looking at it from the inside) has bothered the most. If either don’t lock you can wiggle the long bar that is connected to the panic bar, and this has always worked. A work order to have it fixed has been placed with facilities. Let me know if you have any questions.

Requests in transit

When you pull itmes that have been requested, please make sure that when you check them in, you put the item where it is supposed to go. If the message says “Put on holdshelf at Main Library” please choose the “in-transit” option and not “on the holdshelf” option. Also, please put those items that are in transit in the blue bin. Thanks.