NExpress Requests – Statuses

What do the different statuses on the NExpress/Inn-Reach tab mean?

NEXP REQ – item has been requested but not yet processed by lending library
IN TRANSIT – item is en route to Midd
NEXP RECVD – item should be here on the hold shelf
NEXP RETD – item has been returned and is on its way back to the lending library

And last but not least – after checking the status of requests in the system, ALWAYS double check the Main Holdshelf for the request before telling a caller that their book is here.


Lost and Found at Main

Thanks to Gregory for the suggestion to consolidate the Lost and Found areas at Main Circ.
This has been done.
The new area is located to the right of the self-check unit. Please continue to check the lockable file drawer for smaller valuables.
Lost things are eventually sent to Public Safety
Lost books and media are eventually sent to Collections Management

Login problems at scanning computer?

The computer attached to the scanner in the microfilm area at Armstrong (our ADA computer) frequently won’t allow people to log in.  So, we now have a generic login that can be used when someone’s personal login doesn’t work.  Instructions for using the generic login are on a sheet of paper, encased in plastic, at the computer.  Note that with the generic login, remote servers (e.g. Tigercat) are inaccessible.  Users should save documents to the desktop and immediately send the documents to themselves via email.

If someone reports that they can’t log in to this computer then:

1) Have them use the generic login

2) Report the problem to a supervisor so that we can report it to the helpdesk.

p.s. Instructions for the scanner are at the scanner, too.   They’d disappeared, so I replaced them.



Olympus digital voice recorder at Armstrong

We’ll be adding one digital voice recorder to the Armstrong equipment pool — stay tuned! Here is a link to what a recorder looks like (our version is white):

Small and portable, digital voice recorders can be used to record a lecture, meeting, or interview; then simply plug it into a USB port on a computer to download or upload files. (The recorder pulls apart into two pieces, one of which has the USB connection).

Please feel free to leave comments/questions for me! I’m excited for all three branches to offer this very popular recording device.

Thanks, Kellam

Falling ice and snow over the doors at the Main Lib

From Joseph:
It’s that time of year again. Below please see an important reminder on how to deal with the danger of falling ice and snow over the doors at the Main Lib. I got FS to give us these nifty new signs that can be placed outside when needed. They’re stored in the back of the closet 201A.
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Maura and Steve will be away


Just a reminder to Main Circ Student employees that Maura will be out until Monday 11/10.
Steve will be out from 10/30 – 11/6.
Please see Joanne, Kellam or Elin – or the supervisor on duty – with any unresolved schedule issues – and any other questions or concerns.
Elin will be approving your time on Nov 3 – please submit your time by noon on that Monday – at the latest – and alert Elin to any questions or problems in submitting time.