Closing Procedures

From Steve:
Just a quick reminder that, if you’re working Sundays through Thursdays, the building lights are on a timer that automatically turns them off around 12:30am. We just turn them back on with the switches next to the door into Main Circ. It’s a nightly reminder to everyone that the library is closing in 30 minutes. If you encounter any aberrations, please alert me and I will check on the timer with Joseph. Thanks!

Ink for the Epson 2400 and paper for the HP 5500 Plotter

Subject: Quick reminder about ink for the Epson 2400 and paper for the HP 5500 Plotter

The ink for the Epson 2400 colour printer located in Carrel 28 is in the cabinet in LIB242, the Printer/Copier room on the Main Floor.

The paper rolls for the HP 5500 plotter located in the Wilson Multimedia Development Lab (LIB220) is in LIB201a, the supply closet (close to the back leaning against the wall on your right.)

Please let Mack know if you have questions.

NEW Macbook power adapters

We now have a handful of Macbook power adapters available for loan at the Circ Desk.

They have a four-hour, in-house loan period — just like the iBook and Dell adapters we already circulate.

Since the Macbook adapters look very similar to the iBook adapters, I’ve marked the Macbook adapters clearly — please take care to keep them separated so we don’t loan out the wrong adapter to a borrower.

Please let me know if you have any questions.