University of Oslo – Library (Bibliotek)

Visited the Universtity of Oslo’s library in the Georg Sverdrup House on the Blindern campus.
Part of a larger culture center with cafe, the library has 4 floors (and a couple of lofts). Light filled with a white, black, red color scheme – and lots of light wood used throughout. Spaces were open and light filled. Continue reading

Lockers and Carrels – August 2008

Intersession – carrel and locker maintenance.
Lockers may be borrowed until August 29.
Carrels may not be borrowed.
Change the date in Millennium when you check out a locker key and alert the borrower to the shorter due date. The due date is the 29th, so that the lockers can be cleaned, in preparation for the fall term.
Carrels are not available, in preparation for fall semester thesis assignments.
Please direct questions to Steve.