ILL Meeting – 7/30/2008

Wednesday, July 30, 2008 ill meeting at Norwich University.

Morning presentation by Dan Denault from Relais International.   The two products relais Express (scanning) relais ILL were shared with the group.   The news here is that Relais International is moving all or part of the relais software to an open source model.

     The afternoon was left open for discussion.    topics included extending dur dates forr ILL materials.    Some schools already have a longer loan period,  while others have gone to long loan periods (ex. 60days) without allowing renewals.

Also discussed were Electronic journals, overdue notices, and purchase vs. copyright fees.

Meeting Notes 16 July 2008

Meeting Notes
16 July 2008
Lib 145 3 – 4 pm
Present: Joseph Watson, Michael Warner, Adam Dobucki, Maura, Todd, Nancy, Morgan, Rachel, Joanne, Steve
Notes: Elin

• Happy Birthday Rachel and Lexa – thanks to Morgan for bringing a delicious peanut butter chocolate cream pie to honor our July birthday girls. Yum! We missed you, Lexa! Continue reading

Blu-Ray Format

Blu-Ray discs – new to the Media Collection at Main
Handle with care! They are very fragile! And very difficult to repair!
Can only be played on a blu-ray player, NOT a DVD player
Currently, we have no blu-ray player in Main; there is a player in Axinn
Currently there is no way for staff or students to view in-library
Faculty may borrow for viewing outside the library
Shelve blu-ray discs as usual with the regular DVDs and VHS tapes in the Media Collection
Each disc has a message in its record identifying it as a blu-ray disc
Cases are slightly shorter than regular DVD cases, and colored blue