Vermont Library Association – Annual Conference May 13-14, 2008

Vermont Library Association
May 13-14 2008

Tuesday 5/13/08

Opening Talk
Bill Barnes
Gene Ambaum

Very funny talk by the creators of the Unshelved Comic Strip – check it out at
A very humorous look at libraries and library staff and users – the writer and cartoonist base their strip on real stories and characters. One strip was based on a story of finding bacon (raw!) used as a bookmark – a surprisingly common occurrence. In the strip, the borrower is shocked to find they were being charged for damage to the book!
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Meeting Notes 12 May 2008

Meeting notes
Mon 5/12
LIB145: 6:00-7:00pm

Present: Dan, Steve, Rachel, Dennis, Lexa, and Kellam

Joseph joined us for 45 minutes to review updated emergency procedures. The Circ Desk, not the Info Desk, will take charge of emergency response, communication, and procedures. Please refer to the red Emergency Manual at the Circ Desk if you have any questions. Continue reading