最后一天明德机场快线服务 Airport Transportation On the Last Day




After Middlebury LS ends, if you are flying home but don’t have any way to get to the airport, Middlebury provides a bus service to the airport on Friday and Saturday!  The cost is $18 per person, purchase your ticket as soon as possible!


Information Below:



Plan your Campus Departure

Student can leave after the last class on Friday, August 19.  All students must vacate their dorms bySaturday, August 20 at 10:00 AM.
If you have to leave earlier than noon on Friday, please discuss your departure schedule with your teacher to make sure you complete final assignments and assessments. Early departures are granted with prior permission only.


Reserve Airport Transportation

Middlebury College is offering bus transportation from campus to Burlington International Airport on Friday, Aug. 19 and Saturday, Aug. 20. The cost is $18 per person. Several departure times from Adirondack Circle are available, but be sure to purchase your ticket early. Please call the box office with any questions at 802.443.3168 (8:30 am to 5 pm, M-F).


LINK TO Reserve a seat to the Departure shuttle to the airport:



Other transportation options are available online here:




骆驼峰山门罗小路 Camel’s Hump Monroe Trail

想要领略有挑战性爬山活动的户外爱好者,这个星期六八点我们去骆驼峰山门罗小路, 一条与青山洲很有名的佛蒙特“长道”(Long Trail)连在一起的步道。这次爬山活动比以前的难一些,因此收获也会更大;走3.5英里到海拔4000英尺的山顶之后,连加拿大的山都看得到,风景美丽惊人.


For those who want to get out on Saturday for a relatively difficult (and very enjoyable) hiking experience, this Saturday we are going to Camel’s Hump Monroe Trail, which connects to the 272 mile Long Trail, the oldest hiking trail in the U.S.  This hiking experience will be harder than previous, but upon ascending the 4000 foot peak, the sights are certainly worthwhile!


具体信息如下 Information:



总共距离: 6.8英里 (~11公里)



Sign-Up 报名单: goo.gl/SPcBrx


View from the top of Camel's Hump after hiking Monroe Trail.




在教育领域中的工作机会 Work Opportunities in the Education Sector


Hail all!  Below are a few work opportunities in the educational sphere.  The application deadlines are quickly approaching (one is today), so don’t hesitate to apply!


On Campus Interviews: Educators Ally
Monday, August 1
9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Application Deadline: Monday, July 25* – Today!
(If you miss the deadline please email llovering@educatorsally.com directly to see if she can accommodate your request.)
Interview Location: Adirondack House
Apply Online  (On Application please write: Middlebury Language School for “Referral”)

Educator’s Ally provides personalized service to educators and school administrators. Our schools contact us for candidate referrals for a variety of teaching and administrative positions. Teaching positions range from pre-kindergarten through Grade 12. Most positions require experience, as well as a master’s degree, and we look for candidates with strong credentials who are dedicated to a career in independent school teaching. While we place educators year-round, the majority of hiring takes place between February and June.

On Campus Interviews: Carney and Sandoe Associates
Tuesday, August 2nd – DATE CHANGE
9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Application Deadline: Friday, July 29 by Noon.
Interview Location: Adirondack House

Please submit a resume to Devon Tadler at: devon.tadler@carneysandoe.com and put “Middlebury Language Summer Applicant” in the subject.

Carney, Sandoe & Associates is an educational recruitment firm that places teachers and administrators in private, independent and like-kind (charter, magnet, pilot and merit) schools across the nation. We have placed over 32,000 teachers and administrators in independent schools since 1977. CS&A works to fill thousands of teaching and administrative openings at hundreds of K-12, college preparatory schools each year.

Requirements: Candidates will need at least a BA/BS in the subject area they will be teaching, although minors or concentrations can be acceptable for the following areas: chemistry, physics, mathematics, and Spanish. Experience working with children between the ages of 5-18 is preferred. The ability to coach or direct extracurricular activities is very helpful.

Teacher certification is not required.

明德体恤报名单 T-Shirt Ordering List

大家好,今年庆祝中文学校50周年纪念体恤做得非常好看; 如果老师们,学生们想给家人买一件,请点下面的链接并写上需要的信息!


Hello everyone, This year’s T-shirt commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Chinese school turned out great!  If any teachers or students would like to buy another for family members, please click the link below and fill out the details!


价格 Price:$13

领子样式 Collar Style:Scoop (女)  / Crew (男/女)


链接 Link: goo.gl/4JGd6Q

罗伯特·弗罗斯特农场步道 Robert Frost Interpretive Trail


The hiking activity for this week has been set!  Sunday, July 24th we will walk along the Robert Frost Interpretive Trail, located near Robert Frost’s 150 acre farm in Vermont!  The 1.2 Mile walk can hardly be called a hike, but this is a chance to go outside and enjoy some of the greatest poems of the 20th century!  Sign up below!


Leaving time: Approx 10:00AM


Coming back: 12:00PM


1.2 Mile Loop ~45 minutes


From Middlebury: 20 minutes one way


Estimated total time: 2 hours



Sign-up Link: goo.gl/vC17iF


Robert Frost Trail



第四个星期中文周刊 Newsletter, Vol.4


Hello Everyone!

The second newsletter of the Chinese school is out!  Abby Washburn has music activities on Thursday and Saturday, you can see those inside the newsletter!

If you want to sign up for the Thursday event, you can use this link: https://goo.gl/sKQ3tE

Newsletter 4

周六乒乓球比赛 Saturday’s Ping-Pong Tournament




For all ping-pong fanatics and pros: Because of widespread interest for a ping-pong tournament in the school, we have decided to hold an informal ping-pong tournament within the school.  After sifting out the best players of our school, we can invite players from other schools to play our pros!

Information about the tournament is as follows:


地点 | Where:  森林楼地下休息室 Forest Basement

时间 | When: 星期六三点 Saturday at 3:00PM

SIGNUP 乒乓球比赛报名单goo.gl/pxwNKo

第三个星期周刊 Newsletter, Vol. 3


Hello Everyone!

The third newsletter of the Chinese school is out!  The activities in the coming weeks are quite abundant, please take a look at this week’s newsletter to see all the activities in the weeks leading up to our 50th anniversary!



Newsletter 3


七月十六号落日时法文学校的一位叫Renaud Auguste-Dormeuil的形象艺术家展开为明德法文学校百年庆典所创作的互动表演:《不灭之灯》(I Will Keep a Light Burning).  这次富有法文学校未来100年“坚持不渝”象征意义的表演以800根蜡烛来展示2116年7月16号天空夜晚的形象。发文学校欢迎明德各个语言学校来欣赏这个特别活动!


On Saturday July, 16 at nightfall on Battell Beach, French visual artist Renaud Auguste-Dormeuil will carry out his performance entitled I Will Keep a Light Burning.  This is a spectacular 800-candle rendition of the night sky as it will appear on July, 16 2116.  The idea is that the 100-year old French School should still be alive in 100 years through this symbol.  All students from the Chinese school are invited to attend this event!

排球比赛时间表 Volleyball Tournament Schedule






Hello volleyball team members! The intercollegiate volleyball tournament has been set up, you can look at the tournament schedule below!  Every match will be with a different school within our group, including, the Russian School, German School, Japanese School and our own school.  Every match is on Sunday at 4PM, so make sure to arrive on time.

Also, Ye Laoshi has added more time for practice and switched locations for practice.  The new times and locations are as follows:

Wednesday 4:00-5:00 between Hepburn and the chapel
Friday 4:30-5:30 between Hepburn and the chapel

17-Jul Home Score Away Score Location
A French Portuguese Forest-1
B Russian German Grille-1
A Spanish Hebrew Forest-2
B Japanese  1 Chinese  2 Grille-2 Chinese Wins
24-Jul Home Score Away Score Location
A French Spanish Forest-1
B Russian Japanese Grille-1
A Portuguese Hebrew Forest-2
B German  1 Chinese  2 Grille-2 Chinese Wins
31-Jul Home Score Away Score Location
A French Hebrew Forest-1
B Russian   Chinese   Grille-1
A Portuguese Spanish Forest-2
B German Japanese Grille-2


Tournament Schedule
Volleyball Rules



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