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Monthly Archives: January 2018

Identification of an unknown volatile liquid

Learning Goals Use bomb calorimetry to measure heat of reaction; Use a thermometer and analyze the limitations of thermometry; Observe changes in phases of matter and consider the challenges associated with volatile substances; Apply the ideal gas law and analyze the limitations of using the ideal gas law in an experiment; Synthesize a simple procedure […]

Separation of a mixture

Learning Goals Employ several common separation techniques and analyze limitations of those techniques; Practice decantation and gravity filtration; Use a graduated pipette and an erlenmeyer flask; Observe a precipitation reaction and the formation of a crystalline solid; Use notions of stoichiometry to calculate reaction yield; Use a drying oven and analyze limitations of the drying […]

Significant Figures Lab

Learning goals: ¬†follow instructions to complete a chemistry experiment, collect and analyze experimental data, explain likely sources of experimental error, work collaboratively with a lab partner. Introduction Rules about significant figures may seem arbitrary from a theoretical standpoint, but in the laboratory you will see that they allow you to determine the precision of your […]